Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer Time: A choice between Bulacan and Antipolo Resorts, what's yours?

Taken that you are coming from Manila, if you are to choose between going to a Bulacan resort and resort in Antipolo, what or where will you choose to be? For what I know, Bulacan is very near to Manila and what's best is that you get to travel less time because you can always take the NLEX or North Luzon Expressway if you want to come over to any and I mean any of the listed Bulacan resorts out there in different barangays of the province.

On the other hand, if you are to choose Antipolo resorts, your choice could be very well far from enjoying. Why? simply because Antipolo from Manila is a mere 3-4 hours trip especially if you are to buzz off in the late day in noon or afternoon. I must warn you traffic is on your way anywhere you come from if you decided to choose Antipolo for your summer escapade to swimming pools or resorts.

Well, allow me to help you though a bit coz I found this Bulacan resort video from Youtube.Com where you ca literally see a number of choices plus get to visit directly the post where the photo and other resort details can be found. Have fun this summer and enjoy while it lasts.

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