Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pictures of Pamu in Youtube

Just surprised today that one of my idols in the recent PBB Unlimited, Pamu Pamorada a.k.a. Anielie Gerez had pictures of her while inside the PBB house in YouTube. It was a collection of her. If you want to find out and possibly see it, you can visit here -

New site to find info on how to work in Canada

How to Work in Canada (Canada Flag)
I bet many of you out there might be online trying to look for information on how to work in Canada here. If that is your aim, I've got just the right place where you can share and read ideas. As you may very well know, Canada as well as any other country had its own set of rules, regulations, laws governing employment and working overseas.

If you want to work in this country, you have to really be patient. Read a lot of information concerning your request to either be accepted as a migrant worker or to migrate for a lifetime in Canada via a sponsorship of petition from a family member.